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5th Annual Traveling Decoy! Louie the Long-tail

August 28, 2013

2013_2014 Traveling Decoy

Well folks, it is that time of year again, for the 5th Annual Lake Effect Chapter of the Michigan Duck Hunters Association Traveling Decoy! So you are asking yourself, “What is the traveling decoy”? The traveling decoy started for the Lake Effect group in the fall of 2009 as a way to have fun and show hunters from around the State enjoying the sport of waterfowling, both in our State and while on trips out of State. It was such a huge hit, that we decided to do it again, and again, and now for the 5th year AGAIN!
Every season, hunters from around Michigan and some from even out of State sign up to be included on the traveling decoy’s hunt calendar and we try and get the decoy into as many hands as possible throughout the season. Hunter’s take photographs, fill out a journal/logbook, and then send it onto the next person to have fun. To date, the first four traveling decoys have logged somewhere in the vicinity of 35,000 miles of travel combined, with roughly 800 birds harvested over them!! With this year’s decoy, we easily will surpass the 40,000 mile mark for the decoy’s travels and hopefully will surpass the 1,000 bird mark as well for harvest numbers! The decoy will make its rounds all season long and will return to West Michigan around February 1st, so that photographs can be compiled and made into a hard cover book, which then in turn will be auctioned off with the traveling decoy on Thursday February 27th, 2014 at the Lake Effect Chapter of MDHA Annual Event! In year’s past we have had a few Chapter members who have taken the traveling decoy on non-hunting trips, but it has been far and few between. Have a favorite fall fishing outing? A trip to bow camp? Small Game Hunting? It doesn’t have to necessarily be a waterfowl outing, be creative with it, and HAVE FUN!

Well, enough rambling, this year’s traveling decoy is Louie the Long-tail, carved by Grand Haven native and longtime Chapter supporter Marty Yonker. We are very excited to get this rolling and the images included are very self-explanatory as to how to sign up! We used to just limit this to Michigan Sportsman forum members and our Chapter members, but we are going to try a new format this year. Please see the RULES document that gives a full explanation on the process!

Let’s make this the best season yet for the 5th Annual Traveling Decoy, Louie the Longtail!

Traveling decoy_PAST



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