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Contact the Lake Effect Chapter at


We are a group of dedicated hunters who have a passion for waterfowl who wish:

  1. to preserve and improve the sport of waterfowling, particularly in the State of Michigan;
  2. to preserve, respect, and protect the natural environment conducive to the protection, feeding, and reproduction of all waterfowl species;
  3. to conduct educational programs related to waterfowl, conservation, sportsmanship, and hunter and boating safety;
  4. to study, advise, recommend, and secure enactment of legislation in the interest of waterfowl perpetuation and waterfowl hunting;
  5. to cooperate, when appropriate, with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment, sportsmen, or other sportsmen’s organizations to conserve and protect the natural environment and all wildlife.

If you have any questions or would like more information on joining or volunteering with the Lake Effect Chapter, please email 

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