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Meeting Reminder and Volunteer Opportunity!

March 28, 2013

Meeting Reminder

Our first “post banquet” meeting will be held next Wednesday, April 3rd, at 7pm.  We will be meeting at the usual location of Sam’s Joint in Norton Shores.  Come as you are, arrive early if you’d like!  We will be meeting in the “back corner” of the restaurant.  The formal meeting should last about an hour with additional time to socialize and discuss topics.  Topics to be discussed will be planning for upcoming Spring/Summer activities and projects, brainstorming for future events, and much more!  One volunteer opportunity that is coming very soon is the Grand River Greenup event!  This is the third year we are partaking in this very worthwhile event!  The event has a brand new location of Harbor Island in Grand Haven, MI.  The river cleanup will run from 9am-noon, with a free t shirt and food for the volunteers.  The last two years we have brought an army of volunteers in Camo with duckboats to hit the main areas of the river that can’t be accessed by foot and we have hauled literally TONS of trash and debris in.  This event sees roughly 400 people in attendance and is our way of giving back to the resource that we all enjoy so much and showing folks that we are more than just duck hunters, but conservationists who share the same love for the ecosystem that they do.  If you are interested in volunteering, either attend the monthly meeting next week or email for registration instructions and a head count!
Other Meetings coming up (Same time/location)
Wednesday May 1st
Wednesday June 5th

Meeting Reminder



March 1, 2013

Well, another big event is in the books and we can’t thank everyone enough for coming out last night and supporting our event! Without your support, we would not be able to continue to grow and establish the Lake Effect Chapter as a driving force in the Michigan waterfowl world.

It was great to see so many familiar faces last night and of course many many new ones as well! Total head count was flirting right around 300 people last night and it really seemed like a good time was had by all.

Just a reminder, that if you are interested in becoming a part of our group, that we meet the first Wednesday of every month at the Norton Shore’s Sam’s Joint restaurant at 7pm. Our next meeting is Wednesday March 6th, 2013. Come as you are and join a great group of folks who are all striving to promote Michigan’s resources, raise awareness of habitat/wetland issues, assist in projects, and much much more! We believe strongly that we can make a difference in the Michigan hunting community, by recruiting new hunters, retaining current hunters, and by helping to increase social acceptance of hunting and trapping in our great State. We also feel that through education, outreach, and interaction, that we can help to build not only the Waterfowl community, but the hunting community in general. The more core members we can build, the more we can grow and in turn, the bigger the impact we are going to have here in Michigan and there are BIG BIG things to come from our Chapter.

Make sure and bookmark our website at to stay up to date on current events for the Lake Effect Chapter.

Also, be sure to find us on facebook for weekly if not daily updates. Our facebook page can be found by clicking HERE

We also want to take a moment and thank DNR Wildlife Division Chief Russ Mason, as well as NRC Commissioner Annoesjka Steinman, for taking the time to attend our event, it means alot to us and we look forward to seeing you at more events in the future!

Please also take some time and view the attached donor sheet of all of our donors from the event!

Thank You Very much to each and every one of you and stay tuned for more Spring and summer events!

Lake Effect Chapter of the Michigan Duck Hunters AssociationEvent donors

The Lake Effect Event is SOLD OUT!!!

February 20, 2013

Lake Effect Event Sold out!

Attention Everyone….The 2013 Lake Effect event is SOLD OUT! If you were planning to attend and were about to mail in tickets OR if your tickets were already in the mail, please contact Chapter Chairman Kevin Bouwman at 231-740-2927, to be added to the waiting list in case of any cancellations or openings in tickets.

Thank you to everyone for your support and this is sure to be our biggest and best event yet! We have some great items lined up for the live auction, some incredible raffle drawings featuring a 51” TV, Canoe, Guns, and MUCH MUCH more!

Just a reminder—The Lake Effect Goods Drive. For every FIVE (5) items you bring of nonperishable food, toiletries, household goods, you will be given 1 ticket to be entered into a drawing for a Benelli shotgun. No limit to the number of goods you can bring…but the only way to be eligible to win this Benelli is to bring goods for the goods drive!

Also, our first “post event” meeting will be held Wednesday March 6th, 2013 at the Norton Shores, MI Sam’s Joint Restaurant. We will be doing a recap of the event and then discussing upcoming Spring/Summer events planning. The next meeting after that is Wednesday April 3rd, 2013 at the same location. Meeting time starts at 7pm, feel free to arrive early if you’d like and the formal portion of the meeting generally lasts about an hour. Come as you are and join a great group of folks from all over West Michigan that share a common interest!

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing everyone Thursday February 28th, 2013 at the BIG EVENT!

Lake Effect

Lake Effect Event Sold out!

2013 Big Event Info!

December 22, 2012

We hope everyone is having a good holiday season! We here at the Lake Effect Chapter are working hard to get ready for 2013’s Big Event! A couple of changes this year is that the Lake Effect Goods Drive will be for a gun instead of a raffle package in previous years and that for every 5 items you bring, it earns you 1 ticket towards the gun! NO LIMIT to the number of goods you want to bring, either non perishable food items, toiletries, household goods, etc. All donated items go to benefit West Michigan Catholic Charities Loaves and Fishes Pantry.

One other change this year, is that we are moving away from the buffet style format and are going to have a plated dinner served at 7pm. We feel that by doing this, it will free up some congestion we experienced with the buffet, the lengthy time it took to get everyone through the lines, and it will ensure that everyone in attendance receives the same high quality dinner that the Trillium provides. This year we are going to have Michigan Ale Braised Beef and Roasted Chicken on the plate, two vegetables, salad, and a dessert! And as always, we will be featuring bottomless cups of beer and soda with every ticket.

This event is sure to be bigger and better than the previous years and its sure to hold a few surprises, new items you’ve never seen at ANY other banquet, and MUCH more!

If you have never been before, you do not want to miss it. We will feature tons of guns, piles of decoys, crossbows, collectibles, artwork, trips, home décor items, and MORE!

This event WILL sell out and there will be NO night of event ticket sales! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or by calling Chapter Chairman Kevin Bouwman at the number listed on the flyer.

We can’t wait to see everyone at the big event and thank you for standing behind us and showing us so much support. We have a lot of big things in the works for the coming year and years, as far as local conservation funding, hunter retention and recruitment projects, habitat projects, education and outreach and MORE!

Here is a highlight of some of the 2012 projects we have completed, ALL in thanks to your generosity and support from attending our events!
-Donated 10 new .22 rifles to the Grand Haven Outdoor Education Course at their High school
-Donated 3 Remington 870 Shotguns to the Pure Michigan Hunt
-Donated $750 to a local trapper and Lake Effect Supporter to start our Pilot Trapper Education project
-Donated over 150 duck calls at our Youth Day at the Muskegon State Game Area
-Donated 40 Duck Calls to the Mecosta County Small Game Hunt sponsored by the DNR
-Donated 7 Diver Packages to the Michigan Wetland Wonders Challenge (DNR)

Our meetings are held at the Sam’s Joint in Norton Shores, MI (Old Grand Haven Rd/Pontaluna) and are at 7pm. For the next few meetings, they will be heavy in Event talk; however, we will be also discussing ideas for 2013 projects, funding of projects, State MDHA topics, and MORE. We always welcome new people to our group, so come one and come all!

Thank you and Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Lake Effect Chapter of the Michigan Duck Hunters Association

Official 2013 Flyer

Microsoft Word - Lake Effect Event Registration Form 2013

Microsoft Word - Lake Effect Table Registration Form 2013

Microsoft Word – Lake Effect Event Registration Form 2013

Microsoft Word – Lake Effect Table Registration Form 2013

Official 2013 Flyer

Fall Facebook Giveaway with GK Calls and the Lake Effect Chapter of MDHA!

October 25, 2012

Click Here to go to the Contest/Giveaway on our Facebook Page!

Fall 2012 Lake Effect MDHA Newsletter

October 18, 2012

Greetings Everyone across our Great State of Michigan!
We just wanted to send a brief update about several things going on with the Lake Effect Chapter of the Michigan Duck Hunters Association. 2012-2013 Waterfowl Season is in full swing and despite some of the driest conditions statewide we have seen in many decades, things are slowly but surely coming around with some recent rains (better late than never)!

We hope everyone’s season is going good and that you are finding time to get afield and enjoy Michigan’s out of doors. Whether its pursuing ducks and geese at one of our 7 Wetland Wonders State areas, State Game Areas, private land, Small Game opportunities abound, or for deer and turkey….its a GREAT time to be outdoors!

The Lake Effect Chapter of MDHA has been busy lately with several things going on.

Saturday August 18th–We had our Inaugural Shrimp Boil: Despite a few bumps in the road that night, it was a great time had by all!

Saturday August 25th–We moved our Youth Waterfowl Day to the Muskegon State Game Area. This 100% free event saw well over 125 attendees for a day of fun! Duck Calling, Goose Calling, Decoy Carving, Dog demos, and a day to all get together as Sportsmen and Women! We look forward to building this event over the years to come into something great for everyone to enjoy!

Saturday September 8th–Muskegon Sportsmen For Youth. We had our annual trap shooting booth and info booth there and did a meet and greet with the roughly 3000 people who were in attendance.

Wednesday October 3rd–Monthly Meeting
Tuesday October 9th–Muskegon Waste Water Opening Day Meet and Greet, Courtesy Table
NEXT MONTHLY MEETING: Wednesday November 7th, Norton Shores Sam’s Joint Restaurant-7pm
Also don’t forget if you stop in at the Muskegon State Game Area field office on a hunt day, to look for the Lake Effect Coffee Maker and pick up a couple of FREE Decals. Decals are also available for free at any meeting.

Some other side projects we have been working on:

Michigan DNR Pure Michigan Hunt Donation–The Lake Effect Chapter of MDHA donated THREE Remington 870 Shotguns (one for each winner) Check this link out for more info on the Pure Michigan Hunt

Michigan Wetland Wonders Challenge –Explore Michigan’s 7 Wetland Wonders!,4570,7…146—,00.html
The Lake Effect Chapter of MDHA donated:
7 Diver Duck Packages of foam filled Tangle Free Bluebills
7 Gear Bags
Lake Effect MDHA Accessories
100 Lake Effect MDHA Decals

3. Earlier this year we donated TEN brand new Remington 597 .22 Caliber guns to the Grand Haven Outdoor Education course that takes place in Grand Haven Public Schools

Right now we are all busy out trying to enjoy Michigan’s out of doors as much as possible and we are already working on THE largest Waterfowl Event in the State of Michigan….Thursday February 28th, 2013 at the Trillium Banquet and Conference Center.
If anyone would like to help us out with our cause by donating products, trips, hunts, hunting and fishing items, or ANY donation no matter how large or small, we are always looking for support.

From now until the Big Event 2-28-2013, we will be featuring several of our items that are donations from our great sponsors and supporters. Normally we would save some of the best for last, but with this piece and hunting season and the fall migration in full swing we wanted to share it now. Grand Rapids Artist and Michigan Native Justin Kellner was generous enough to donate this absolutely one of a kind canvas painting he created. This is truly one of the most unique pieces of art we have ever featured at one of our events and you have to see it in person to appreciate how extraordinary it is. Justin’s work ( a similar painting of Canada Geese) was just featured at Artprize in Grand Rapids and we really can’t thank him enough.

Stop on by Justin’s page at to check out his work and for contact info.

This item will be featured on the live auction of the Lake Effect Chapter of the Michigan Duck Hunters Association annual event 2-28-2013…THE largest Waterfowling Event/Banquet in the State of Michigan!

Finally, us members from the Lake Effect Chapter of MDHA want to take a moment and remember Sean Monschau who died tragically last year at Fish Point doing what he loved. Remember to cherish each day spent afield with friends and family and in our busy lives filled with technology, packed schedules, sports, TV, internet, and smartphones….take some time to unplug from the rush of a busy life, take a moment to get off the paved roads and off the beaten path, smell the smell of the Michigan forest floor and enjoy Michigan’s wonder and take some time to remember the things that are of most importance in your life.

Lake Effect Chapter of the Michigan Duck Hunters Association



August 9, 2012

Hey Everyone,

We have alot going on at The Lake Effect Chapter of the
Michigan Duck Hunters Association lately….fall is fast approaching and we are
busy working on a few upcoming events.

The first event is the return of
the Shrimp Boil! This will be Saturday August 18th, at Whitlow’s Restaurant in
Muskegon. This will be a family friend, fun event, just to get all us sportsmen
and women together and enjoy some comraderie and fellowship before the best time
of the year….Fall Hunting Season!

Here are some upcoming events to
mark those calendars about…Its a long email, but we have alot going

Important Upcoming Events:
Return of the Annual
Shrimp Boil
Saturday August 18, Whitlows Restaurant
20$ in advance, or 25$
at the door. This is going to be a pre-season fun kickoff to just get alot of
like minded folks together and to have a good time. All you can eat shrimp,
potato, bread, and a cash bar. We will have a few guns up for grabs, as well as
some other raffles. This will be done not as a money maker, but just to provide
a night out to get sporstmen and women together and to have a fun time. Image

August 25th
We are moving the Youth
Waterfowl Day to a brand new location of the Muskegon State Game Area HQ. This
is going to be an exciting move and we can always use all the help we can get.
It is going to be Saturday the 25th from 10am-2pm. If anyone would like to help
or has any ideas of fun events to do there, please let us know. We will be
adding several new things, as well as a Wastewater hunt informational portion.
If anyone would like to help, just give us a shout…the official flyer will be
coming in a seperate email later next week. This is 100% free to all
participants and is a great day for Youths. We hope to get the DNR Fire Division
and Law Enforcement division involved too if we could, as well as local birding
groups, and a few others.

Saturday September 8th-2012 Sportsmen for
Youth at the Muskegon County Fairgrounds

This is a huge event drawing
thousands of attendees. We need all the help we can get to man our booth and
live fire portion there. If anyone would like to be a part of it, let us know.
The day runs from 9-3pm so any amount of time you can help us man our booth,
hangout, etc. would be great.

Pure Michigan Hunt

We are officially on board for the Pure Michigan Hunt and
we received a poster and some other information from the DNR. The Lake Effect
Chapter of MDHA has committed to donating (3) Remington 870 shotguns, one to
each winner. This is a very worthwhile cause and check it out by clicking here

Who Wouldn’t want to win that?!?!?!?

Other items coming up over the course of the

Courtesy Booth for the hunters at the opening day of the Waste
Water TBD
Chapter Hunt October 2012
Annual Guided Women’s Hunt – October
Saugatuck Brewing Company 2nd Annual Brew your own beer event–We will
be brewing a collaborative beer at Saugatuck again the winter of 2013.
Event-February 28th, 2013
Grand River Cleanup, April

If anyone wants to get involved with our group, we
meet the first Wednesday of Every Month at the Norton Shores Sam’s Joint
Location. Come as you are, meeting starts at 7pm, feel free to arrive early and
the meeting normally lasts about 1-1.5 hours.

Thanks and any questions,
feel free to shoot us an email or visit our facebook page and one of our chapter
members will get back with you as soon as they can!

Lake Effect MDHA